is my cpu good enough to handle radeon hd 7750

can anyone tell me is my rig stable enough to handle sapphire radeon hd rig is:-

cpu-intel core 2 duo e7500 2.93 ghz
ram:-2*2 gb ddr2 ram
harddrive-500 gb
psu:-450 watts with 12v rail-25a,model is supercomp sep 500 a cheap quality local psu came inbuilt in my cabinet.
Motherboard:-intel dg 41 intel original board.with one pci-e 2.0*16 lane

is this rig stable enough to handle a sapphire radeon hd 7750 oc edition.
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  1. Honestly, maybe, i mean, no, man you need a new everything to get up to that, even with a game like oblivion for example on max graphics, would bottleneck that CPU like crazy, plus with your 4gb ram(2gb for windows) (2 for gaming) isnt exactly going to cut it, i mean, a gaming comp with 4 gigs won't make it, especially with that CPU. I mean I don't even know if your motherboard supports PCI 3.0 x 16 and also with a 45nm CPU that has 2 cores, in gaming, you won't really get anywhere, even if you're going to play older games...

    You're system problably runs on a full load most of the time correct?

    Perhaps a 6670 would suffice :)
  2. With a 7750, it should be fine. My core 2 duo E6700 occasionally holds back my 6670 but only in certain parts of certain games. In any case I get playable framerates atleast in what games I play.

    I would say go for it, even if it does bottleneck you should still get playable framerates. flamehead greatly exaggerated.
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