MB + CPU replacement help

I'm a little new to actual guts and temps and all that stuff. I replaced my old mb and CPU with a
Processor: Core i7-2700k
PSU: Same voltages seem normal in bios
MB: Msi H61M-P31-/W8 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130659)

Old motherboard: http://www.findlaptopdriver.com/pegatron-corporation-2acf-specs/

So I'm just going start with my story if this could help you guys in some shape or form. I simply wanted a better processor, to get this I would need a new motherboard. Because the other computer was pre installed with all of that stuff when I bought it HP did all the driver stuff for me. After switching I backed up my stuff and let HP re install like I stated before it started well. However I noticed the CPU usage is VERY low and I could type faster than the computer can keep up with. This made me very scared and I'm somewhat on a budget so I can't go very high here. I've already used the drivers that came with the motherboard and still just starting Internet explorer or something simple raises the CPU up to 37-80%. I saw videos and reviews of this and nobody seemed to have problems. And recently it has just started to randomly shut off only minutes after turn on sometimes even roughly 30 seconds. Please help me or give me any tips or clues I could use. The system I got up and running about yesterday. If this helps at what I could find is that my pc seems to believe its 8 core and CPU-Z claiming its running at 800mhz... Please help me...
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  1. Did you cool the processor? You must have applied thermal paste to the heatsink.


    The shut down is a thermal bootdown. The processor shuts itself down when it reaches 105 degrees to prevent damage to itself.
  2. Can you check temps? Verify the heatsink is on correctly.
    Also make sure it isn't underclocked in the BIOS.
  3. Okay so lets do a check list here:

    1. Did you apply thermal paste(how much) and install the heatsink that came with the processor?

    2. You didn't install the drivers for older motherboard did you, the HP ones? You need to install the drivers(latest) from MSI website for your motherboard.


    3. You did a fresh install of Windows?

    -You bought an i7 which has hyper-threading(good for compute tasks rendering/encoding) so it will show that is has 8 cores(4 cores/8 threads).
    -The computer will shut off if the temperatures reach to high.
    -You bought a high end processor and bought a cheap motherboard? -I doubt you even need an i7, what is this PC for?
    -The processor has speed-step which will down clock when idle to save power and produce less heat.
  4. Hey guys sry for late reply. I figured out that it was under clocking itself very low. I turned on the auto clocking feature and it looked like it was running well. After running temp core and speed fan to double check I realized I'm running idle at 70-82C . Going to try re applying my thermal paste. Will report back ASAP and edogawa this is supposed to be for a cheap gaming rig
  5. 70-82c idle? No wonder it's shutting off and having issues, you're damaging the processor if it's idling at that.

    Cheap gaming rig? Not sure why you're thinking an i7 is for a cheap gaming rig.

    That wasn't a good idea to buy for a cheap gaming rig, you should have saved about 100 dollars and got an i5, the i7 is useless for gaming(hyper-threading will not help games). I guess it's to late now though.
  6. Clean and re apply thermal paste properly, if you still get bad temps, get a cheap after market CPU cooler.

    Try the Hyper 212 EVO
  7. Yeah edogawa I know the better solution would have probably been an i5 or something cheaper but its too late. But after applying the thermal paste again I'm at a comfortable 30C and 60C 100% load (at 4.0ghz) I might get another fan like the CH-C14. But the main reason for the odd setup was to keep me ok until the end of collage. Then I can go over kill with 32gb ram for no reason water cooling for the hell of it and video cards for games at use max 6gb ram. xD

    Bottom line re applying the thermal paste helped it.
    Thank you for all the help from saving myself from me being stupid
  8. That idle was pretty bad. :P Those temperatures look excellent now. Glad to hear it's resolved. Good Luck. :D
  9. Happy to help!
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