Worried About Damaging Parts?

Hi I am building my first computer and was just wondering about things to be careful about while building that could break or ruin parts.
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  1. 1. Make sure you're not working in a static environment. Don't work on a rug.
    2. Make sure you're static-free.
    3. Don't force anything. Everything should clip into place without much force.
    4. Make sure you're placing parts into the right slots.
    5. Don't over-tighten the screws on the motherboard.
    6. Don't drop your parts. Don't be clumsy.
    7. Don't get mad at your parts just because you can't get them to work right away. A unintentional punch or brutal attack can easily result in breaking it.
    8. Get a PSU from a reputed manufacturer.
    9. Best to test parts individually and every step of the way instead of putting it all together right away and then test.
    10. If you're water cooling, test for leakage. For custom water cooling, also rid the bubbles.
    11. Don't overload your motherboard with fans and fan splitters.
    12. Don't touch your CPU pins.
    13. Don't spread too much thermal paste (if applicable).
  2. How do I test individual parts? How do I hold CPU without touching the pins? How do I become static free? Would a wood floor right next to a rug be OK?
  3. 1. Test the PSU first to make sure it works. Then test the PSU + motherboard + CPU + 1 stick of RAM. Turn everything on and check that you get a display. If not, try to isolate the problem before going any further.

    2. I think if you took a look at a picture of a CPU, it should be pretty obvious. Grip it on its side.

    3. Touch something metallic.

    4. The rug was an example. Just make sure you're not working in a static environment.
  4. Like what would be a static enviroment. And any metal object would work?
  5. I am trying to fit my cpu cooling fan on, and it will just not fit. I even bent some of the pins but the latch on one side is too short.
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