My xbox 360's dvd drive broken or can i still save it?

I tried to flash my xbox 360 drive and the first time it worked but then i try to flash it again,but then my hand slipped when i put it on the little dot to get the info and save it,so it made a little bit of smoke around the R203 and R204,all that has been damaged was 2 little dots near the power cable plugin place.I still have the drives dvd key and everything on my pc,and when i want to play a game,it reads it and shows the game's name (original game) them i press A and it reads the game but then the xbox makes a black screen and power button goes on and off and then the xbox returns to the dashboard,is there anything i can do to fix it?i also have pictures but dont know how to show it for you,plz help.
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  1. Your burnt the CD drive and the Xbox reads it but it can't function. You would need the cd drives made for the Xbox (depends on if it the Core or Slim/E version) to replace them. They go for 40-60$ on Amazon/Ebay, you will also need to figure out which model CD drive your Xbox uses (I think there are 4-5) to have it function properly. Every brand CD drive for an Xbox has a special and unique chip (to the brand) that is compatible to a motherboard.
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