Build VS Buy at the 600 dollar level.

I am wondering about 2 computers.

That computer is $619 dollars, and I can ship for free to me, or pick it up.


That computer is $599, but if I order all of the parts, I need to factor in shipping, and if I get them all from a local parts store it costs around $760

I am wondering your guys' opinion on which one you would buy? The custom one will be easier upgraded and I will feel better having built it myself, but the other is very convenient, and seems to have very nice specs.

I attached a poll to the thread and if you guys could leave me a nice responce, or at least vote in the poll, that would be awesome.

Thanks, dToast
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  1. NO on the HP for sure.
    Where are you located so I can get you some good ideas.
  2. Id get the 2nd one, also the 660 u have is the same price as a 650 ti boost so thats a great deal
  3. I am located in BC.

    Why would you say no to the HP?

    Any suggested changes on the other build?
  4. thats a good list
  5. I do not need the 1t hard drive, I only need 500gb. Also I think I would go for win8.
    What fps do you think the above build would get on BF3 on high?
  6. 1tb is only 20 dollars more than 500gb. Id suggest getting the 1tb. It can play it on ultra.

    Here is the updated price
  7. Thank you, that website is great and I think I am satisfied with the build
    Some of the other ideas where from USA based shops.
    This is from Canada so keep that in mind.
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