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I am planning to build my first computer (will be used mainly for gaming)
I need advice as to if this will be a good build and if any improvements can be made.

These are the components I have selected.

CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($229.99 @ Microcenter)

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master V6 GT 93.7 CFM CPU Cooler ($49.99 @ Newegg)

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V PRO ATX LGA1155 Motherboard ($209.99 @ Microcenter)

Memory: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Low Profile Desktop Memory Model CML8GX3M2A1600C9 ($69.99 @ Newegg)

Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($69.99 @ Microcenter)

Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti 3GB Video Card ($349.99 @ Newegg)

Case: Cooler Master HAF X ATX Full Tower Case ($179.99 @ Newegg)

Power Supply: Corsair CX 750W 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX12V Power Supply ($70.00 @ Newegg)

Optical Drive: LG GH24NS95 DVD/CD Writer ($14.99 @ Newegg)

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Full (32/64-bit) ($169.99 @ Amazon)
Total: $1409.91

Keep in mind that the only reason that I am going for the i7 is because it is $130 off at microcenter (until May 12 I think)

I already have:
Monitor (23" Samsung 1920x1080 res)
Gaming mouse and keyboard (razer)

I will hopefully be picking up the CPU, Mobo, Storage, Optical drive, and power supply on May 6 or later the week at the Microcenter nearby. I would like to also order the rest online by the end of the week.
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  1. Drop the i7 to an i5 3570k, the difference between performance isnt worth the extra $100. (If the deal is worth it at microcenter then by all means but its better to put the money else where ie. GPU)

    Drop the Mobo down to an ASRock Extreme4, no reason to pay $200 for one on your build put more money towards the GPU

    Change CPU Cooler to Hyper 212 Evo if you new to OCing

    With all extra money push the GPU up to a 7970

    Drop your Case down to a $100-$125 (Corsair 500R is one of my favorites)

    If your not going to SLI/CF dont get a 750W PSU get a 550W and again put saved money towards GPU
  2. Hey, please fill out those questions, otherwise it's gonna take too long asking you those question one by one. Post answers here. After you do that we will be able to help you faster, without having to be guessing in the dark. Thanks
  3. Hi vikinglegend93!

    Nice specs for a first build!

    However, since you're going to use this mainly for gaming, consider getting the i5-3570K instead. It is cheaper than the i7-3770K, and has an almost similar performance.

    I like your choice of going air for your cpu cooler. However, for great performance at a vey low cost, the Hyper 212 Evo is the logical choice. If you want to go a step higher, consider the Frio from Thermaltake.

    Good choice on going for low-profile ram, as this will make it easier for you to install the cpu cooler.

    I would suggest getting a lower wattaged power supply, as 750W would be excessive. A 500~550W would be sufficient, and when choosing, pick a trusted and reliable manufacturer like SeaSonic, Antec, or XFX. However, if you are planning to go SLIx2 in the future, then go with your current Wattage.

    When choosing the OS, go for the 64-bit, as the 32-bit won't be able to fully utilize more than 4 GB.

    Good luck!
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