Looking for a GOOD PSU

HEY guys, i want to know whether a 500w psu can handle the follwing specs:
CPU: amd fx 8320
GPU: ati radeon 6670 2gb ddr3
RAM: 4*2 gb 1333 mhz
Mobo: m5a78l mlx v2
ssd: seagate 500gb

I think im going to buy a zebronics zeb-500w (platinum series) PSU so try to suggest on this PSU
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  1. If you link your vender I might be able to help. Never heard of zebronics. Here's some reputable power supplies:
    antec, corsair, seasonic, xfx, enermax, ocz.
  2. can the antec 400w or corsair cx 430 will support my given specs.
  3. but i have heard that my cpu need a lot of power while running games and other stuff so will it complete my requirements
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