Laptop, help me to choice one of those, please.

Hello guys, once me again, come with last question before I buy that damned Laptop.

Lenovo`s site has a awesome discount for a single GT 750M 2GB DDR5 Card, 870$, it used to be 1350$ but has almost 500$ off.
It has, i7 3630QM, 8GB DDR3 + 16GB SSD and Centrino Wireless, which some people said is better than standard one.

Here`s the link:

then as always my other choice was the Asus G75VX, single GTX 670MX 3GB DDR5 Card, 1250$.
Same processor, 8GB DDR3, no SSD, and standard wireless.

Heres the link:

I`m playing Guild Wars2, SC2 and Bioshock Infinite, games like that, nothing like Crysis 3.
So the question is, that GTX 670MX is really so much better than GT 750M, or not?
I could save the money and probably buy another Laptop when Haswell comes out in few months.

Your thoughts guys?<3
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  1. The lenovo should also be available in a SLI edition. 750m SLI will be superiour to a single 670MX. (You can buy a 750m card to put in the optical drive for around $200)
  2. I have another choice, I can pay 100$ more and have GTX 675MX.

    What`s your thought?
    Because I head bad reviews on SLI, heating and performance problems.
    I am playing mostly Guild Wars 2, so I wanna the best there ( I play without shadows, find em bad XD )

    Thanks !!
  3. The Y500 with SLI will be faster than the GTX675 in games that support SLI.

    No heat issues. Each GPU has its own fan and cooling tubes. Windows boots up in 8 -20 seconds with the 16 GB SSD cache included.

    The only issue I have with the Y500 is the 4 hour battery life on the highest power saving mode.

    Most of the time i have it pluged in and it can run all of the newest games on high or ultra.

    Below is a review of the Y500 with the GT650 SLI. The GT750 is the same but has a 22% higher clock for the GPUs.

    Guild Wars 2
    1920x1080 All Maximum / On AA:FX

    GeForce GT 650M SLI (ForceWare 310.90)
    Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 23.2 fps∼45%

    GeForce GT 650M (mixed driver)
    Schenker XMG A502 12.5 fps∼24% -46%

    GeForce GTX 670MX (Forceware 310.61)
    DevilTech HellMachine 18.8 fps∼36% -19%

    GeForce GTX 675MX (ForceWare 306.14)
    One M73-2N 24.7 fps∼48% +6%

    The GTX675 was 1.5 FPS faster than the GT650 SLI. The GT750 will pass the GTX675 in FPS
  4. So you say I should get the Lenovo Y500 with GT 750M SLI over even the GTX 675MX?
    Another question, should I wait for the Haswell laptops coming out in june ( altho I dont know the dates exactly, or if they will be released in june )?
  5. Yes, unless you want longer battery life. The Y500 will be faster in applications that support SLI.

    The Y500 cannot switch to the GPU on the CPU (HD4000) to save power.
  6. Battery doesnt matter, all I want is perfomance, if the Lenovo Y500 with GT 750M SLI is better than GTX 675MX I will take that one, otherwise I will go for the GTX, or maybe wait for Haswell
  7. As with all tech if you wait something faster will come out. You have to ask yourself, Do you need it now? If so, get the Y500. If no, and you can wait then wait. You have to pull the trigger when you are ready.

    The GT750 SLI will outperform the GTX675.
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