Will the new i5 haswells be compatible with current psu's??

Hey guys,

Wondering if i were to buy the corsair 650w psu, for my new build, if it would still be compatible with haswell when it is released?? http://m.ebuyer.com/257232

Ps. Is 650w enough for i5470k and a gtx 660 + room for upgrades in the future? Also im thinking of getting the corsair 300r case, will that fit all my components in?? http://m.ebuyer.com/351501

Thanks guys!
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  1. Unknown.

    Due to Haswell's new low power states there is a fear that current generation PSUs cannot provide low power that is stable enough for the CPU to use. That could potentially cause instability resulting in BSOD I suppose.

    Since Corsair PSUs are manufactured by either Seasonic or Channel Well (CWT), I would say that you should not worry. Especially if it is a Seasonic model. I think it may be PSUs of average quality and below which may run into issues with Haswell.
  2. A 650w PSU should be fine for you build and it should provide enough headroom for future upgrades....

    ...unless you are looking at two nVidia Titans...

    If this is a gaming PC, then you are better off with the i5-4670k since games do not use Hyper Threading.
  3. Compatible? - I would say yes and only because you would be able to disable these ultra low power states in the bios and avoid the situation.
  4. Thanks guys, ah thanks for the tip about the i5460k, had no idea!

    Any ideas on the case?
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