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Hi. I have a question regarding data copy when a RAM module has 'bads' on it. Does it affect the data in this process ? Or HDD copying has nothing to do with RAM memory ? The copy process was done within Windows 8 with PerfectDisk 12.5 installed. I'm asking because after this, some installers had some corrupted cabs in them. Another thing was the PC resetting when copying more than 150 GB at once.
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  1. Yes, bad ram can effect programs in use as well as programs and files that reside on the hard disk. This effect may appear to be worse in win 7 & 8 as compared to XP because win 7 & 8 try to keep as much stuff in ram as possible before using the page file. The bad ram corrupts the data and this bad data ends up written to disk.
  2. Ok. but the data copied from HDD to HDD (partition to partition on the same drive) passes through RAM memory ?
  3. I'd assume it depends on the program you used to copy it with. Did you use the satndard windows copy function or were you using something like turbocopy? Unfortunately, I couldn't find specs for the "copy" command on microsoft's web site. you can always try robocopy which should be built into win7.
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