Problem with Mafia II and Borderlands 2


Mafia II neither launch from the mafia2.exe nor launcher.exe
It doesn't even give a screen, just the windows loading cursor and then nothing.

Borderlands 2 launches and after the black screen it crashes to desktop with message "Borderlands2.exe has stopped working" and then this error appears:

My PC Specs:
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  1. You lack a decent dedicated graphics card, I'd say. Both those games wont work without a dedicated card. Borderlands 1 would barely run on my laptop with a ATI 1600m on it, so no chance an intel 4000 will work with it. Here is tom's graphic hierarchy chart, go look where yours is, roughly the equivalent to a AMD 3670 or 9500GT. Minimum for Mafia 2 and Borderlands are almost enough for you, but integrated Intel graphics will never match up to a dedicated card :/,3107-7.html
  2. I wonder if I could play it with minimum sitting. I think the problem isn't in my hardware. I could play many games with medium/low and even high. Like CoD:BO/CoD:MW3/Bioshock:Infinite/ACIII/BF3 and more. I mean there may be a fix of something could do it. Thanks a lot for your reply.
  3. I've this error also on launching Dark Sector:
    EDIT: I uninstalled Borderlands and installed it again and it worked! but no luck with Mafia II
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