Toshiba Working on 10.1-inch Tegra 4 Tablet Too?

After initially appearing on a benchmark, images of a Tegra 4-powered Toshiba tablet has emerged.

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  1. I was beginning to think no devices would be using Tegra 4. Looks like Tegra is the best fit Tablets and not Smartphones again.
  2. It was never a slow adoption. You can adopt a chip until you KNOW or at least have a good guess how many you'll be getting. That couldn't happen with ALL of them going to shield. DUH. Nobody should make statements about slow adoption until after July when they actually SHIP to someone wanting to make one. Until then I expect no hard announcements (well, we may see some in june depending on how well T4 production is going and if shield needs are met by then). I still say they chose wisely. Shield first which sells vid cards for xmas (you need a NV card to get it to your TV on shield) and both work together to kill consoles & handhelds.
    Xbox720 possibly delayed helps this even more. Now people are looking at PS4 or shield+NV GPU. Your old xbox360 etc gamepad works fine for the combo but then shield is a gamepad...LOL. I'm guessing they'll expand to add other ways to get your PC to tv or as some have said allow others to make shield devices say, without the lcd (or puny one just to get games on TV, where the rest of your selections happen on big screen). I'm sure they could make it a lot cheaper without an LCD or a huge battery to support it (of course it's not a handheld portable player then though). Then again if it sells huge numbers I'm sure they'll just keep pumping them UP and out with new T5, T6 etc revs yearly. No better way to kill a console than to use the PC and a handheld together to become one :) That makes any console purchase pointless for a lot of people. You get my PC gpu to my TV and all console purchases for me are dead.
  3. aaaah... sorry for my idiotness , but what is SoC?
    [Still learning :)]
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