Sony Xperia Tablet Pre Order Starts, Free Cradle Included

Sony Xperia tablet Z goes on pre-order; higher priced white model includes complementary cradle.

Sony Xperia Tablet Pre Order Starts, Free Cradle Included : Read more
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  1. This Spandragon sounds interesting
  2. overpriced for the specs, the 32 gig nexus 10 is $499 and blows this thing out of the water... sony needs to learn if they are going to remain relevant they can't price like they used to in their hayday
  3. Article fails to mention the most important feature of Xperia, that isn't found on other devices: it is WATER PROOF. Want to watch some TV show in a hot tub? Here you go.
    IR emitter is nice, but not unique.
  4. water resistant not water proof... but yes that does make a big difference, still the hardware isn't amazing for the pricepoint but being water resistant makes it a better contender to vs other tabelts if you have need for water resistance. wonder why tom's didn't incluse that info, seems a pretty big selling point
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