If you're looking for an SSD right now...

If you're looking for an SSD right now, I think this is quite a deal. Samsung 840 250GB for $164.99 USD
Savings Code 77211-1304. SAVE $25.00 off our regular price of $189.99 if you buy today! Special price ends 05/08/2013. Limit 3 per customer.

So buy it soon and jump on the deal if you really want it! :)
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  1. To each their own. If your purposes require the pro, get the pro, otherwise, no point in dropping the extra bucks. Samsung makes great, fast, reliable SSDs, so I'm not worried either way :)
  2. I bought the 512 840 two months ago for 229. Now that was a sale not to miss!
  3. Wow...that's incredible! I would have loved to have gotten that deal!
  4. popatim - WOW!

    Which vendor was it? Maybe the sale will be repeated.
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