Buffalo Ships DriveStation DDR HDD/RAM External Drive

Here's a HDD packed with 1 GB of memory in one USB 3.0-based enclosure.

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  1. This looks like a really promising product. I still run computers with less ram than that.
    Hope it's available in Canada
  2. I would like to see a review of that here on TH.
  3. if I could change out the ram for an 8gb stick this would be amazing.
  4. nice drive...
    sadly, it needs an internal battery that would last long enough to finidh the writes... call me paranoid
  5. Sure will easily loose your data if a power outage or a sudden disconnection happens.
    How much does it take for it to dump the 1GB cache in case of disconnection?
    Quite unsafe, despite a great idea.
  6. I think I trust the hybrid hdd/ssd more than this thing. Unless as others have said, it has a battery for power or disconnection protection.
  7. 1 Gb of RAM takes a long time to flush to disk, what happens when the power goes off? or there's a connection problem?
    Great concept but someone didn't think this through, there's a reason drives aren't equipped with ginormous amounts of memory. I would only use it for stuff I don't care about or I have backed up elsewhere.
  8. For the paranoid...UPS?
  9. I would like to see a review of that here on TH.
  10. Many of the commenters here are reading it wrong. The cache is not read/write, its read cache. Power loss would dump the read cache, no data loss would occur as the original still exists on the drive. Increasing the ram to larger than 1GB could be beneficial though.
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