Does it worth upgrading the CPU for better gaming ?

Hi, i just got a Sapphire vapour X 7770 and I read that my processor is bottlenecking it.

Here are my specs :
CPU : Core 2 due e7500 2.9 Ghz overclokced to 3.6ghz
RAM : 4GB of 1333 mhz
Motherboard : G41-combo
vga : Sapphire vapour X 7770

I decided to buy Intel i5-3570k or AMD FX-8350. Are these good choices for gaming ? Will one of these increase my gaming performance like playing Crysis 3 on High setting on resolution 1360 x 766 ?What are the good MBs for them in the range of 50-80$ ?

I know its little bit messy and sorry for that, but its my first post . :D
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  1. If you can get the i5-3570K, GET IT. It's in my opinion the best CPU for gaming without going crazy with your budget.

    As someone who has Crysis 3 and ran it on that CPU, I can say that without a doubt the i5-3570K wont be your bottleneck.

    You will need a new motherboard for the i5, but trying to stay in the range of $50 - $80 wont get you anything that will last.

    I would recommend this:

    It's only $5 more than your budget and will last a much longer
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