solved by myself (please close mods) thank you mwah

Hi, first of all I know this should be in the cooling section but I can't click/find the cooling section in the "Create A New Thread" area. Sorry for that. Please look at my temps. It's crazy. I don't know who to believe in, CoreTemp or SpeedFan?

Idle: around 27deg, full load 41deg - SpeedFan
Idle: around 39deg, full load 58deg - CoreTemp
But when I'm in my bios, it plays around 35degs. I've read and I know that when you're in BIOS, it's having a full load on your CPU. This is crazy. :??:

Also, I don't know why but my cpu fan runs at 1800RPM all the time.:??: I've checked the Automatic fan speed in speed fan (see SS), but still it runs in full speed. Thanks guys.

AMD A10 5800k
Balistix Tactical Tracer 8GB 1866Mhz
with Hyper 212X

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