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New i3-3220 or Used i5-2500k for gaming

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May 7, 2013 12:52:21 PM

Scenario 1:
Shall i buy a new i3-3220 for £92 with a motherboard i am not sure which chipset i prefer asus but even there B75 , H77 boards are expensive compared to the other brands, also between those three with asus there wasnt much price difference anyway (what other brands should i look for if needed?) so i thought to get the Z77 ,also i even thought to go down to H61/H67 but that could be too low performance i am not sure , i need a good motherboard so i can upgrade to the i5/i7 2nd/3rd gen , i wont be overclocking now or anytime in the future , i wont be using sli/crossfire either but if the price difference is like £10-15 or something i might aswell pay the difference

Scenario 2:
I buy a used i5-2500k for £125 from my colleague who bought it from ebay recently , and buy a motherboard to partner it up , i have only seen it boot up to windows i am not sure how often processors go faulty? , or if the temeperatures could be higher than usual because someone overlocked it too much?.

i am in a bit of a hurry because my colleague is willing to help me out and buy my amd fx 4100 for £80 and my asus m5a78l/usb3 for £60 which he knows he could go out and buy them brand new for exactly the same price but hes doing me a favour , only problem is he is only willing to buy it now as he could probably sell it for just under and try to get most of the money back

I have also heard that the new Intel Haswell Processors are going to be released in about a months time (i5/i7) but there is no sign of the i3's coming out yet maybe later on this year so shall i go ahead with the i3 i can get it now if i go with the i5 i might have to wait because the new chips could have a 20% performance advantage over sandy bridge processor but 10% over ivy bridge , the only way i can get the new intel haswells are to sell my processor and motherboard now and be left without a computer for a few months until i get the new i5's and still i wont know if they will be at a decent price and a big enough performance advantage over the i5-2500k

if they do bring out the next processors after the 4th gen on the same socket then i will be screwed if i upgrade to socket 1155 now.

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May 7, 2013 2:22:04 PM

assuming your colleague is not BSing you and the 2500k works fine then its the clear choice. as for the haswell, they are great gaming CPUs but not worth the upgrade over a 2500k
May 7, 2013 4:17:44 PM

yeh he said he bought it from ebay and i saw i5-2500k's going for £125 , so you sure the i5-2500k will last me for the next few years without upgrading? i just got this feeling socket 1155 will be outdated soon especially with not only haswell/broadwell coming out next month but skyline/skymont also and DDR4 should be out soon aswell hopefully the i7's cheapen abit but where is the upgrade path on from the i7's without changing socket 1155 motherboard for 1150 or is the i7 all you need for a long time , also just to make this clear if the cpu works it works right? , it cant fail on me after a few months/years or something , is this a good deal aswell , i mean if i spent £15 more i could have bought a new 3rd gen i5-3330 for £140 , £20 pound more i5-3450 , £25 i5-3470 , £50 more i could have got a brand new i5-2500k.last but not least which motherboard do you recommend with this processor , im not going to overclock or use sli/crossfire but since i got this cpu which is unlocked i might aswell get a Z77 which is for ivy bridge or Z68 but that is old , will Z77 work as good with a sandy bridge as an ivy bridge? , i have an asus motherboard at the moment and an asus graphics card so they might work well together , ive researched and asus seems to be the best motherboard brand so this is the motherboard i have seen and think is good for this cpu i would be willing to spend up to £80-£90 max but under £70 would be good as long as the performance is good extra £20 is alright , correct me if i am wrong with the motherboard selection also if you can answer my questions in good detail i will be worry free and grateful

Thanking you in advance.

Asus P8Z77-V LX £80