New PC Build Budget for Gaming/CAD $1400 or less

Hi, I'm considering on building a new PC, and I was wondering if I can get an opinion on the parts that I'm selecting. I'm hoping to play most modern games on 1080p at Ultra to High settings. In addition, I plan to do some CAD related works with this new PC. My budget would be around $1400.

i5 3470

CPU Cooler:
Cooler Master Hyper TX3

Fractal Design Define R4

MSI zh77a-g43

Graphic Card:
MSI GTX 660 (non-ti) 2GB OC Twin Frozr

Corsair Vengeance 16gb Low Profile

1TB WD Blue Caviar

120GB Samsung 840

Corsair 600CX

Asus 22 Inch Monitor

Disk Drive:
Asus OEM Drive

Wireless Adapter:
Asus EA-N66 Wireless Adapter

Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Satellite System

Keyboard and Mouse:
I might go with the Razer Lycosa since I have the Razer Orochi

= Total reached approximately 1300 dollars, I'd say under 1400 dollars if you count shipping and handling and tax.

I prefer intel over amd and nvidia over radeon. I also took a strong interest in MSI mobos and graphic cards because of the user interface for their bios etc,. I do NOT plan to overclock nor will I plan to SLI using dual graphic cards. I chose the case because I liked the elegant simple clean look it possessed, I dislike battleships. I'm considering on going with the GTX 650 ti power edition from MSI. I chose 16 gb since I believe it'll benefit the CAD programs I'll be using. I plan to play GW2 and BF3 hopefully at Ultra to High graphics at 1980x1020p. I like to keep my fps at 30fps or higher. Would .2 ghz found in the i5 3570k make much of a difference from the i5 3470? Thanks!
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  1. I read your post but still...

    if you ever want to overclock = i5 3570K...

    if no = i5 3470

    if i5 3470 = lose the CPU cooler... you don't need it... Stock will be just fine

    For 30 fps or higher the 660 is good. For 50 ~ 60 fps, at least a 660 Ti.

    Even Gigabyte has a clean, simple BIOS.

    IMHO, 16 GB maybe overkill for CAD. In fact, 16 GB is overkill for almost everything, unless you are running multiple virtual machines. But it might be good future proofing.
  2. A different perspective was offered above... Noob12 is correct... In fact, the Xeon is a much better VFM over the i5 3470 because it offers more L3 cache memory... accepts ECC (error - correcting code) RAM... matches the performance of a stock i5 3570K... has hyperthreading enabled. So yes, go for Xeon... and tell everyone who says that Xeon is for servers, to brush up on their tech.

    And I have an i5 3470 with a Gigabyte GA B75M D3H (same as noob12 suggested) so I second that.
  3. Thanks for the input guys, I'm really liking the Intel Xeon e3-1230v2 . It appears to be just an i7 3770 but for a price range of an i5; not to mention the max tdp is very low since it's lacking the integrated gpu. I'll definitely consider the xeon, however my other question is, should the stock fan be sufficient in cooling this cpu? And would you say the gtx 660 is good enough for it's value to performance or should I consider going up to the 660 ti or 670?

    I might also consider going with the Fractal Design Define Mini chassis which is an mATX case. Would going for an mATX build affect the performance in any way compared to a regular ATX build?
  4. Stock fan should be sufficient for any non - overclocking system. (obviously there will be a few scenarios like a hot room or ambient temp etc).

    If you want to play modern games at 50 - 60 fps then 660 Ti/7950 or higher. For 30 - 50 fps the 660 will be spectacular VFM.

    Only difference between ATX and mATX is size (as you know). If you choose small but powerful components, then there will be no performance issues.
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