will my power supply handle a radeon hd 7750 graphic card

I just wanted to know that is my power supply unit gr8 good enough to handle radeon hd 7750 graphic card. I don't know about the wattage of my power supply .it came preattached in my cabinet which was a local one .so my power supply is also a local one.here are the details i got from the sticker on the power supply.

Model-supercomp sep 500.

Ac input voltage-140-240 vac ,50-60 ,hz active pfc

Ac input current-6.5-8.5 a

Dc output rating:-





Atx 2.03=plentium 4
ATX 12V=450 WATTS.

So this is all what i got on my psu sticker .as its a local/cheap quality power supply unit . So maybe the information provided on the sticker of the power supply unit was more than its actual performance.so please tell me that my power supply unit will support a radeon hd 7750 graphic card or not .i've heard about this card that this is very power efficient but i did not want to take any kind of risk.
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  1. According to the sticker specs, it should. There is a caveat here that is applicable to almost all PSU's - you get the quality you pay for. A generic "comes-with-the-case" PSU will not provide as clean and even current as a quality PSU. The problem is that 'dirty' current (fluctuating voltages, high ripple) causes premature aging of components - that's not good for the longevity of your computer.
  2. should i install this card or not ? Explain me simply.
  3. You can add the 7750 and you should be fine running it. As budget permits though I would look into replacing the PSU with a quality one and keeping the current PSU as a back-up (it's always a good thing to have back-up PSU especially a "known working" one IMO).
  4. buying a new psu!!! i mean no man i'm not currently in a budget to buy new psu .i'm just buying a graphic card that can handle crysis 3 and other future games on 1280*720 with low settings and i know that the radeon hd 7750 can do it .i will buy a psu later maybe after 1or2 years .is this ok ?
  5. It's your choice when (or if) you decide to replace the PSU, I'm simply providing some (hopefully useful) information for you to consider
  6. i want to know that what will happen if this card (sapphire radeon hd 7750) won't be supported by my psu.is this really risky ?
  7. will my all cpu components gets fried up .or will this graphic card gets damaged ?what will happen please tell me ,i really don't want to take any kind of risk and not gonna be able to buy a new psu .
  8. by the way my pc rig is :-

    processor-intel e7500 2.93 ghz .
    ram-4gb ddr2
    motherboard-intel dg41rq (pci-e 2.0)
    psu-you know a cheap quality 450watts psu .additional details about psu are in the first thread message .

    i'm going to install sapphire radeon hd 7750.i bought this system in 2010. tell me the risks related to power supply if there are any .
  9. If the PSU is of dubious quality, overloading it with a graphics card may result in the following; computer doesn't boot, computer works but acts like it has hardware errors (BSOD's), PSU works for a while then dies suddenly (this has the potential to be the most destructive event). If I can run my rig on a PSU, I let it run, as an example, I just swapped out a 300W PSU from a computer that should've had a 400W - the 300W performed fine for almost a year in that configuration before the PSU's fan became too loud (a sign of high load). Don't tell anyone here but I replaced it with a much higher wattage (but much lower quality) PSU I had laying around
    Not all generic PSU's are terrible, the problem lies in that it's near impossible to tell a quality one from a crappy one. The aperages on your rails tells me your PSU is of a newer design so I would believe there is minimal risk running it
    Summary, you can run it but be aware that any issues that arise may not be what they seem to be (could be PSU related instead) and if the fan becomes annoyingly loud, that'll be it telling you that replacement time is very near
  10. will my mobo get burnt ?
  11. how should i come to know that pc components are in high danger .is there any kind of warning or it'll just blow of suddenly without any kind of warning .i want to save my pc components .if psu gets burnt then i'll buy a new one but not able to buy a whole new rig .
  12. please simply tell me .
  13. There is no specific answer to that, mostly it depends upon unknowns such as the quality of components used and the design of the PSU. Many times, PSU's simply die quietly but there are those units who think a spectacular exit is the way to go and in that case, other components such as the motherboard, HDD's, graphics cards or anything directly connected to the PSU is at risk. There is no one simple answer unfortunately. I'm going to link this acrticle which (IMO) best explains about PSU's http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/181
  14. hey i've looked on the crosair cx430 watts power supply .but one thing i want to ask to you is that ...my current power supply (supercomp sep 500) is atx v2.03 (version ) and this crosair one is atx v2.3 ??is this compatible with my current intel dg41rq motherboard ....?what these versions mean .do they really matter ??please tell me about the compatiblity of this crosair cx430 psu with my motherboard .you can find my whole rig in this thread if you need it in any case ..please reply fast
  15. The Corsair CX430 should work fine for your system, the version doesn't really have much to do with whether it'll work - more to do with design and efficiency. I think you'll be served well by the Corsair CX430
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