cooler master Haf 912 vs antec 300 two

I'm considering my case for a build i'm planing and was wondering which was a better choice. I found them both for about the same price but which one is easier to build in, has better cooling performance ect.
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  1. I just finished adding some extra fans into my HAF 912 for the hell of it. It's great after you clean up some of the wires and keep the HD's down at the bottom. I havent replaced the Heatsink yet but right now im running an AMD 8120 at 3.2ghz (8-core btw) at stock speeds with a GTX 660 ti i just added yesterday, im playing SC2 on EXTREME settings with 100+ fps and CPU making at 56 deg celsius (133F)
    i think it's a great deal, best of luck!
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