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Hey guys it will be greately apriciated if you can help me pick out the best hardware for my gaming computer. My budget is under 700 poundsand i'm looking for solid fps rates in games. I am in a dilema between i5 3570k or amd fx8350 and for gpu's between dual 650 ti, single 660ti or the radeon 7950. What would be the best combination out of all of those components ? Also I am concirned about the motherboard as it will increase the price. Should i buy a decent one or N expencive one?
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  1. For gaming performance, the 3570k will significantly outperform the fx8350. As far as video cards go, I always recommend one good GPU over crossfire/sli with low end cards. There are certain situations where you'll get better frame rates out of something like a 650ti sli, but there are a lot more potential issues. I would recommend something like http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202024&IsVirtualParent=1 if you're looking for a budget card. It gives you performance pretty close to a 7950 for less than $250. It also comes with some free games if that's of any interest. With the motherboard, there's no reason to overpay. Look for one that has all the features you want, but you're not going to see a performance difference just because you spent $400 on a board.
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