Micro Center Build and CPU / PSU questions.

Hello, and I wanna say thanks before hand for any responses.

In late June or early July I'm going to be putting together a new computer through Micro Center's build options. At this point I'm fairly certain I could build the thing myself, but RL has left me with more cash than time. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to let them do it as an instore walkin. There's several considerations that I want to ask about, but here are the parts I've nailed down:

HDD: Western Digital WD Black 320GB 7,200 RPM
RAM: Kingston HyperX blu 8GB (2x4gb) DDR3-1600
SSD: Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB

Not much yet, but that's why I'm here. My intentions for the machine are as an email / web box with some light productivity (Office sort of things, I have a 2010 license to use yet) and some middle tier gaming. Specifically, I play quite a bit of World of Warcraft and I like the Mass Effect series. I do play other games, but those are easily the most involved and the most taxing. On my current system I don't even have 200 gig filled, and I store all my music and photos on my laptop and an external HD. What I am looking forward is to land something that would more or less be rock solid in my sphere of influence for 4 or 5 years. My budget is going to be roughly $1000.

With that in mind, here are my considerations.

Microcenter has a bundled CPU/MoBo thing going in with a Intel Core i5 3570K / Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H, but it seems overkill given I don't have any intention of overclocking. Not sure if it'll last until this summer either. Who knows, right? All the same, I am also considering an i5 3470 with a Gigabyte GA-B75M-HD3, but I wonder if the 3470 will provide the necessary oomph to keep from sliding down the WoW graphics scaler like my current system has done. What do you guys think?

Next, I am considering my power supply. I was just going to get a Corsair CX500M and call it a day, but I've since read that the CX models aren't so hot. Everyone likes Seasonic, but Micro Center doesn't carry them on their website, and I'm not sure if I can bring in my own parts for the build. This is a larger factor too, in that I want a HAF 922 case and they don't sell that either. Any experience here?

Lastly, is 500w enough for what I'll be doing? Right now, I plan to stick my XFX Radeon 7770 in as I got it in February to keep my current computer running. Might as well get some use out of it! At most, I think, I'll upgrade to a GTX 650 ti Boost (or the equivalent) in a year or two, and I won't be dabbling in the high end cards or running more than one.

Again, thanks again everyone!
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  1. You are basically looking at the same things i have been. I debated long and hard on 3570K or not, but in the end i went with it, its only a 30-40 dollar difference in Mobo/Cpu and the option is there for me to keep my graphics slider up as much as possible in the future. I chose the asrock z77 extreme6 (killer deal on the 3570k and this board at microcenter, around $300 before tax which makes it still 40-50 cheaper than most places) Get them to also put a http://microcenter.com/product/373900/Hyper_212_EVO_Universal_CPU_Cooler on there and you can easily OC quite a bit with just a few clicks in bios! (at least what these forums tell me, im putting this all together this weekend)

    the graphics card you are looking at is very good, and i am seriously considering it due to it being the highest price/performance card in that range. plus after a while if you feel necessary, stick a second in there and you will be passing up most of the several hundred dollar cards on the market.

    I have a micro center locally, and like to purchase some things local instead of ordering, their Case and PSU selection leaves a lot to be desired. the CX500 is a good psu, its no seasonic however it is warranted for 3 years, plenty of time to find a seasonic and some extra cash when you want to add that second video card :). so i plan on picking up the cx500 for its low cost. and yes 500w is plenty for what you are doing.

    cant do much for the case department, its all personal preference. I am currently crushing on some of the "simpler" all black cases like the carbide 300 and 400 from corsair, especially with their low price.

    I have found microcenter PC parts staff to be knowledgeable and never seem to really try and upsale me (avoid the tv and prebuilt computers section!) however i avoid buying accessories there, frys is always cheaper.
  2. That's actually a good idea. Most of the CX problems I've heard are longevity problems, and after a bit of time my schedule will clear and I plan to rip into my current computer and take it apart to see how things "fit" together. I should be able to easily exchange it when I decide what to do as a result.

    And it the deal sticks until then I probably will get the 3570k. I'm just kind of unwilling to do so outside of the deal they're currently running, if that makes sense.

    As for cases, I have several back ups. (the HAF XM and Corsair 600t), but I just like the look of the HAF 922. Haha. We'll see what they say, and if they'll let me have a look at them before I decide too. That's one reason I want to go through Micro Center. I can walk in and see the physical parts, and that, for me, is a big part of learning.
  3. i hear you with the deal thing. However if your subconscious is the one saying that then you will be disappointing! They are always on sale it seems and I have never seen the 3570k not be part of a combo deal saving 50-100 bucks when you buy it with a motherboard lol.

    I have never built a computer with them, but ive seen from a distance and it does look like the customers are up close and sort of a part of the build progress. Shouldn't be a problem getting them to let you be more picky and specific on what goes in your new baby.

    Good luck with the build and be sure to update us when its all said and done!
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