Installed i5 and computer keeps Rebooting

I upgraded from an i3-2120 sandy to a i5-4750 ivy today. It did its 2 restarts on the first powerup and the display didnt work. I checked everything and the ram was loose. I installed 2 8GB sticks of ram and the computer just kept restarting over and over again. i pulled 1 stick and it restarted two times and then everything loaded. its working alright now. Core temps are running around 32c per core. the motherboard is a ASRock B75M-DGS. im running win7 64bit. any ideas?
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  1. try running on one stick with the other stick and see what happens. Sounds like a bad stick of ram.
  2. that must be it. I tried that stick alone and it would boot for about 5 seconds and then shut back off again.
  3. could there be any other reason? both sticks worked perfectly fine before i upgraded the processor. just bought this stick a few weeks ago :-(
  4. Did you try the same slot on the motherboard with the other stick ? Try using combinations of each stick in each slot and that will tell you if it is the RAM or board. My guess is that it is the RAM, sometimes handling electronic components can cause electrostatic damage also you stated the RAM modules were not fully seated when you tired to re boot. This can short circuit the RAM module/slot as well.
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