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I just added a PS3 to my entertainment system. I also have an Xbox 360, so I have an Ethernet cable running to the 360. I'm not a fan of wireless gaming, so I want to hard wire the PS3. I had a Linksys EZXS55W 5 port switch laying around, so I used it basically like a splitter, to get the ethernet cable to both my gaming systems. It seems to be working fine, but my question is, am I losing any connection speed or quality,by using the switch? I did notice some lag when playing, but that could be the host's connection.
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  1. Short answer, use the switch, don't worry about it.

    Long answer, since both devices are sharing a single connection from the switch to the router, that's a potential bottleneck, at least in theory. But for a couple of devices that will likely never come close to saturating their own connections to the switch, nor in the aggregate saturate the connection from the switch to the router, it's a non-issue. You’d really have to be driving a LOT of data over an extended period of time to ever notice a bottleneck.
  2. Well, I will never have them on at the same time, so that should definitely eliminate any problems, right?
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