Nvidia Project Shield Shows Up on AnTuTu Benchmark

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  1. It's got all that going for it but not one single reason to actually buy it.
  2. Vertigo, I believe it streams games from your PC and Steam. I offer it as a reason. Not a good reason, mind you, but a reason.
  3. A product designed strictly for gaming that can barely topple(14% performance increase) the latest smartphones...
  4. I'd rather play PC games on a PC, and Android games on a phone lol. Not that I can think of a single Android game I really have ever played longer than a few weeks for a few minutes at a time. If I'm going mobile it's going to be a 3DS/PSP
  5. This is a great device, I think perhaps that people are missing the point. When pairing this with a Rift and a superb mini itx gaming platform you have an incredible completely immersive, and very LAN party friendly VR system. The device should be able to also use the Rift as a standalone display for VR Android gaming.
    As for the power output of the device, as stated it is only slightly more powerful than the current line of flagship smartphones offered by so many vendors. However it will also be priced under $300, not $600.
  6. I just don't see much of a reason to buy a Shield. There are very few Android games that would be worth playing on something other than a smartphone. Why would I want to stream PC games to a 5 inch 720p screen when I can play them on a 21.5" 1080p screen that has as many pixels per degree at the recommended viewing distance.

    Really the only reason I could see for getting one is if your gaming PC is hooked up to a TV, then if someone else in your house wants to use the TV, you could switch to the Shield to keep playing your game. Sony is doing the same thing with the Vita and the PS4 for that very reason, but at least the Vita is cheaper than the Shield, cheap enough that it might be worth buying one just for that purpose (there is a rumor that the Vita will see a price drop when the PS4 launches, as well as a talk of a PS4/Vita bundle that will save even more money). On the other hand, I heard a rumor that the Shield could cost as much as $400, plus it only works with 600 series or later Nvidia graphics, if you have an older Nvidia card or AMD you'd need to pay even more for a new graphics card. It just doesn't seem practical.
  7. I'd consider buying it if it was cheap. I wouldn't mind sitting on my couch and playing Bastion or even Need For Speed on my couch or bed instead of having to go all the way to my computer (that's not in my bedroom). The streaming thing is really intriguing.
  8. If this ends up with TV output and the ability to sync an alternate controller I might be interested. What I really want is a portable console, that has the ability to be a set top device when I want it to be.
  9. Do people really not understand I can play my PC games on my 61in TV with this in house, and while away has more power than vita or 3ds. Cheaper games than both also.

    I'd rather play PC games on my TV which kills my need for MS' next xbox. That's the point. It also is a great media player. It's a portable bluray...LOL as it will play any 1080p file I throw at it probably. Any movie you rip output to TV (for anyone who doesn't have this already on a phone or tablet). They claim 4k but I'll believe that when I see it. Hogwash I say but I don't need that for another 3yrs anyway when 4k tv's come down to mere mortal levels...LOL.

    I need a 65+ 4K at $1500 with a brand name on it. Until then 4K on anything doesn't mean much. No point in 4K at anything under this size for me, I won't be able to tell much difference between that and 1080p on a 50in. 4K is for BIG tv's where you'll see the difference.

    Anyone that's a gamer will buy a new card eventually anyway. 65% of them already RUN NV cards. All cards you'll buy from 650 up run it and so will ALL new cards from maxwell most likely. You don't NEED your pc hooked to the TV. That is the point here, your pc & tv can be in different rooms and still play games on it with the gamepad. Didn't anyone watch the demos? The PC was not hooked to the TV. Google miracast.

    PC games on my TV via this device means no console sale to me this time (I own 2 ps2's and a xbox360). No sale this time. BT keyboard and mouse when needed or the pad for gamepad ports that suck on a pc with the keyboard/mouse. I'm sold as long as it's not overpriced (highly unlikely given handheld competition pricing). If pricing is anywhere near Vita/3ds I'm in. I'd pay a bit of a premium for the pc on the tv part, as the others can't do that and that alone saves me a $400-600 next gen console. I'll happily put that money into a vid card when maxwell comes. If I'm looking at a 3ds/vita already, this is a no brainer with an NV card or planned NV card purchase. If you buy one of those you still need the console. No thanks. I'll take shield. I'll upgrade to rev2 or whatever when 4K is important. No doubt they'll be revving it yearly (or every 2) just like ouya said they will.

    NV haters on here don't even know what the NV products do...LOL. WOW. No matter who I like or dislike I pay attention to what the products actually do and my wallet votes for the best product no matter who's name is on it. I love AMD but NV is getting my money this time if only due to the drivers that are STILL being worked on (prototype, enduro etc) over a year later! I want my product to work out of the box, not a year+ later.

    Dang double posting crap comment section. Fix this toms. Soon please.
  10. Deleted the repeated ugly text...

    Why no delete button for this post? And why does the comment section seem to ignore spacing between paragraphs? I keep having to come to the forum and fix them.
  11. If you are only buying this to carry on gaming if someone wants to watch TV then the best and cheapest option is to just buy another TV and install that in another room, then tell whoever wants to watch TV to go in to the other room.
    I can't see a valid reason for this as yet but then it isn't officially announced as a release product, only as a tech development previously. Lets see what they have to offer in terms of usage.
  12. That "octa" would have had 4 A15s running for the benchmark like Shield, just clocked lower probably.
  13. And this help me how? It is so much since release of Tegra2/3 and still very few games use it`s full potential!
    My Nexus7 has 59 fps on high quality benchmark of Epic Citadel... yet no game is released with that graphic detail...
  14. SchizoFrog said:
    If you are only buying this to carry on gaming if someone wants to watch TV then the best and cheapest option is to just buy another TV and install that in another room, then tell whoever wants to watch TV to go in to the other room.
    I can't see a valid reason for this as yet but then it isn't officially announced as a release product, only as a tech development previously. Lets see what they have to offer in terms of usage.

    You don't see a valid reason for yourself, or you don't know it gets the pc to the tv, is a handheld replacement, ends the need for console for big screen games (pc to tv does this), plays vids on the go out to any tv with hdmi, plays all android games (and PC of course, via mirror of your pc gpu), browsing on big screen with bt keyboard/mouse or just touch like a tablet etc??? It's straight android so I'm guessing you get voice dictation for browsing like any android tablet but that is an actual guess there (will it have a mic?)...There's more but those are the biggies. All seem pretty valid to me if I'm looking at buying a console or handheld and like cheaper games than all mentioned. 99% of android games are $0-20. More great games coming all the time. Unreal 3 games are starting to come out now and many others look like console games.

    Nearly a year ago Epic had a lot to say:
    GDC13, unreal 4 on Tegra4...WOW. Epic is impressed. Here's some games people might want to look up:Real boxing, Hawken, wild blood, Dungeon Defenders Modern Combat 1-4, Dead Space, Blazing Souls Accelate, Front Line Commando D-DayBards Tale, Asphalt7, Dark Knight Rises, Dungeon hunter 2, Avadon (for an RPG guy like me, or even Avernum escape from the pit) Demon Score, Vice City ($2...LOL), Conduit HD (dev says better than on wii, it's called HD now), Aralon, Horn, Nova 2, 3 & 4, Raven Sword Shadow Lands, backstab, Chaos Rings 1-2, Final Fantasy games, etc..I could keep going...LOL. All cheaper than a console game or even handhelds.
    conduit guy loving T4.

    The list of great stuff out now and coming is very cool and I'm leaving out all that's coming here, just stuff that's out now. Consoles are dead soon...LOL. The epic guy comes right out and says they're close to catching the next gen and will. Not quite yet but getting there because they will be set in stone he notes where mobile evolves constantly he said.
  15. I want one, because then I could stream my PC to my projector downstairs, or I could be lazy and just game on the couch or in bed. Enough of a reason for me to buy. I don't know where they got there information about the oculus rift, not gonna get my hopes up, that would be awesome, but not gonna get my hopes up for that.
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