Where can I find a laptop/netbook with a ppi and price comparable to the ipad Mini?

I was going to buy an ipad mini because of how handy they are, because of how crisp the display is, and because of the wealth of apps available for the ipad and ipad mini. However, I know that there must be much more programs + apps available for windows computers/tablets. The thing I'm not sure on is the price and the resolution. Could anyone offer some advice? Also, it would be nice if it was netbook-size, but any suggestions would be great, regardless of size.


EDIT: sorry, just wanted to add: PPI = pixels per square inch (I think)
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  1. Is this the wrong forum to ask this question?
  2. The $300 10.1" ASUS 1015E-DS01 Notebook is probably your best bet. That's the smallest size screen you are going to find as far as I am aware of. The screen resolution is only 1366x768 so the PPI is going to be lower than on a mini-iPad.


    If you want higher resolution on a small screen then you need to step up to an Apple MacBook Air with a 13.3" 1440x900 resolution screen. There are also a handful of laptops with a 13.3" 1920x1080 resolution screen, but they cost more than an MBA.
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