is this laptop good for 2 - 3 years
games like skyrim bf4
Crysis on high medium let me know posted this 2 times before not a single reply please explain to me like a 12 year old I know jack about electronics
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  1. That hard drive will slow down the whole system. That GPU is decent - could be better.
  2. Overall, it is decent. I think the Radeon HD 7670m is about as powerful as a nVidia GT 630m. Both are a little less powerful than the nVidia GT 550m in my Lenovo IdeaPad Y470 with a 1366x768 screen and an i5-2410m. It was okay to play Crysis 1 on high settings. On average I got 20FPS - 26 FPS, it dipped as low as 17FPS and peaked as high as 35FPS. It was best at medium settings where the frame rates were mostly between 31 FPS - 45 FPS; peaking as high as 55 FPS and dipping as low as 25 FPS.

    You can click the link below for some Radeon HD 7670m benchmarks.

    Newer games are generally more demanding than older games so you may need to drop graphics quality down to low in 2 or 3 years (depending on the game) to get decent results. Or... spend more money on a laptop with a more powerful graphics card. Except for a very small minority of laptops, about 98% - 99% of laptops do not allow you to upgrade the graphics card. Those that do are gaming laptops that generally cost over $1,500 USD and only specific models so you need to do research.
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