Cooler master GeminII M4 or Hyper 212+/EVO?

Out of both of these coolers, which one would give me better overclocking room?

My CPU is an AMD FX 8120 and my case is small form factor but it can fit both coolers just fine.

Which one is a better cooler allowing better overclocking?

My case is a Silverstone SUGO SG09B.

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  1. I have not had the chance to mess with the GeminII M4 but I can tell you I hate the style as mounting/dismounting is a pain.

    As for the Hyper 212+ Evo, the stock fan is meh. It idles at about 400RPMs which is too low by default for most motherboards (most have 600RPM by default) so you would either need a after market fan or change BIOS settings.

    But the Hyper 212+ Evo will probably cool better out of the two.
  2. Yeah agree with jimmysmitty.
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