Looking at parts for new desktop pc

Hi, I'm going to be building a desktop pc for about $1000
This is my first time, would really appreciate if someone could check if its a good build.

$220 Mobo - ASUS Sabertooth Z77
$300 CPU - Intel Core i7 4770K
$90 RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws Z F3-2400C10D-8GZH 2x4GB
$250 GPU - Nvidia Geoforce GTX 660
$120 PSU - NZXT HALE90-850-M
$140 Case - NZXT Phantom Full-Tower Case PHAN-001BK
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  1. Nice Build, what about your hard drives? Would be better if you add SSD on it. I think ur case is color black, ryt? for me, get a black PSU that can handle your components to match the color of case for better looking.
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