Should I get the AMD Radeon HD 7970 Ghz Edition or the NVIDIA GTX 770

I have a few questions.

1. Should I get the 7970 GHz Edition or wait for the GTX 770?
2. If I get the 7970 GHz Edition, should I get the one made by Gigabyte? Or by Sapphire?
4. What is the benefit of each card?
5. Or should I skip both and wait for the 9970?
6. When will the 9970 be released? (Estimated)
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  1. different, gtx 770 well perform like 680 and the 7970 GE is slightly faster than the 680
    also there well be probably price drop for amd 7970 GE due to new nvidia GPUs
    2.I don't know much about cooling, so wait until some one else answer this.
    3.Where is it? o.O
    4.Sorry cant answer this too, still a noob but all what i know is thier both are built on 28nm technology, u can say that the 770 is 680 but with other name[correct me if wrong guys still noob^^]
    5.this is the best Solution as the 9970 will be 22nm technology try this :-
    AMD Radeon HD 9970 Specifications Speculations
    6.I don't really know but u may find some info in the article above
  2. i dont mean to be harsh man but the 770 is no more than a rumor. if you are interested in it wait for it if not buy a card that you want
  3. The 770 being a 680 is just a rumor a news website started with no source what so ever. For all we know some guy in a basement thought it up. Please dont spread unfounded rumors to people asking about a product scheduled for release soon. Now it could very well end up being true but there is not one shred of proof for it
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