Upgrading CPU- i7 3770k or an i5 3570k?

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow, I am heading to the nearby micro center to get a new mobo and CPU. AT the moment, I am using an AMD Phenom II X4, with a cheap biostar MOBO that has been nothing but an issue for me. The thing that has come to my attention, is that the i7 3770k is 130$ off at the micro center, bringing it to the same price as the i5 3570k.


This is the i7 I am looking to purchase!

I also will be going for the Asrock Z77 Extreme4, which has great reviews and has worked great for a couple friends. Matched with a 600W Corsair PSU, is there any issue with buying an i7 over an i5, if they are the same price? No, I do not do any video editing, but I will be using it for gaming, and streaming occasionally. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Found same post here, question solved thanks
  2. i'm in the same position as you. I think I'm going for the 3770k (for future proofing sake) instead of waiting for the Haswell, because of the crappy sleep state of the Haswell that some PSU's are not compatible with (BTW, my psu is seasonic m12 620w). Even if hyperthreading is not utilized by some games now, it will be in the near future. Maybe most game engines will adapt hyperthreading around mid 2014 or 2015 (All roads lead to that, if not sooner)
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