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Hey all! I'm a little nervous, this being my first build and all. I'm 14 years old, and I do some modding for games like skyrim, minecraft, ect. And I needed a better computer for it. My friend recommended a site to me, called "pcpartpicker." I'd just like to make sure that all my parts are compatible, and will play nice together. I've replaced RAM before, and a few other computer hardware stuff, but I've mostly stuck to software. If someone could put my mind at ease about the wiring of everything together and if all my parts will work, that'd be great. ;)
Here's my part list:
It says that all parts are compatable, but I'm not sure if I want to trust just that. Another concern is if my graphics card will fit well in my case, and if my processor is a good one.
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  1. All of those parts are compatible, but the CPU and motherboard are both pretty low end. You would be better off with an I3 than an older AMD chip. That video card won't have any problems in your case, although with a micro atx motherboard you could get a smaller tower with better cooling for about the same price.

    Here's a setup that would give you noticeably better performance for about $60 more.
  2. My budget is like 590 bucks. Will the build as I have it now run skyrim at manageable FPS? Like 30-40?
  3. Yeah, it should. Here's a link to a pretty solid comparison:,3427-6.html
  4. Hey, I just changed the processor to a AMD Phenom II black edition. I'm not going to go Intel, sorry dude. I've had bad experiences with some Intel products. But this Phenom II black edition should do alright. Right?
  5. Yeah, for Skyrim you won't have any problems at all.
  6. Thanks for the help dude. I'll be playing on our old 720p TV, so no 1080p FPS tests for me. =3
  7. No problem, good luck with your build.
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