Underclock RAM for more MHz speed?


I have recently stepped into OC'ing world, and am standing at 3.5 MHZ OC'd from 2.8.

I am running 4x2GB DDR3 1333mhz Kingston 99U5471-011.A01LF RAM and AMD Phenom II X6 1050T.

My questions are ..

a) I have 4x2gb RAMs all identical. Should i keep my RAM @ 1333 or is it possible to go higher with 1333 sticks?

b) If option A isn't possible, should i underclock my ram to ~1060ish and overclock my Thuban to 4.0MHz? Is the downgrade on ram MHz worth the 0.5 MHz gain on core speed? All i do is game on this PC. Is it worth it?

c) Around how much V should i set it if i underclock ram and go for 4.0mhz?

Thank you in advance!
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  1. A. your RAM is kingstone value need drop ratio 1060 fro healty and stabillity RAM
    B. above 3.6ghz - 4.0GHz need drop again your ratio RAM ( some time need raise voltage 1.52v don't more )
    C. depend your chip and board .. i have mobo (TA890GXE) no LLC around 1.52v - 1.53 with big cooler and my friend have mobo use LLC get 1.45-1.47v
    check your VRM board for 4ghz need good VRM and TDP mobo 140W will better , good luck bro
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