Is the 1GB GTX 650 TI good enough for me?

Hi guys.

I'm not that much of a hardware guy so I have a few questions regarding choosing a good card priced around $120.

I have a really cheap build, which is enough for most of my activities.

i3 2100
1 GB GT 420
Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit)

I play some online games from time-to-time and would just like to upgrade my video card because the one I currently have sucks. My current pick is a 1GB GTX 650 TI.

My monitor's top resolution is 1366x768.

Some of the games I play are Neverwinter Online, Contract Wars, Civilization V and World of Tanks...and, maybe, GW2.

Is my choice of graphics card good enough for another year or two? If not, do you have better alternatives?

Thank you.
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  1. Yeah, I think it should be best for the i3 but I suggest that you should get a better CPU for better performance (depend on what game you are playing). Sometimes you'll find a good deal.
  2. Looks OK to me, you might even want to drop down to the standard 650 if money is tight, the monitor resolution is n't really going to tax either card that much.
    Just be aware of the cards power requirements and make sure the installed power supply has the wattage and PCI-E lead the 650 needs.
  3. @Coffeeband84:
    I've been looking at upgrading to the i5-2500K...maybe next month. Thanks for the tip.


    Thanks. I just installed the Corsair TX 80+ 650W. A little overkill for my current rig but should be good for any updates in the future.
  4. Nice to see someone getting a decent power supply.
    Pay your money, make your choice, either will be good at that resolution but the Ti will have a longer future.
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