Can I play "Crysis3" with 9600GT ?

Can I play "Crysis3" with 9600GT (Approx. Total Memory: 2797MB - 256bit - GDDR3) ?
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  1. Anonymous said:
    Can I play "Crysis3" with 9600GT (1024MB - 256bit - GDDR3) ?

    No, sadly you can't. Firstly, your card is a bit too weak to run crysis 3 even at the lowest settings. Moreover crysis 3 requires you to have a dx11 card and yours is a dx 10 card. So you cant run crysis 3 :(
  2. The card is not as weak as said above there are videos on you tube with the intel graphics 4000 ... The problem is the dx 11 ...
  3. Yes you can. I have tried running in the medium setting with 2o -30 fps.
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