Upgrading ATI Radeon HD 5970 to GIGABYTE N670OC-2GD, worth it?

I'm buying a new computer and I was thinking of getting the GIGABYTE N670OC-2GD graphics card. At the moment I have the ATI Radeon HD 5970 which is also a great card however I've been having a lot of issues with artifacts in windows and graphical glitches in games. Some of those problems were greatly reduced by using older drivers.

I read reviews of GIGABYTE N670OC-2GD and they are mostly positive, it looks like a great card. My "problem" is that I'm getting a new card mainly because I'm tired of the glitches and driver issues with the ATI card. I'm wondering whether the upgrade to Gigabyte (Nvidia) is actually going to be visible in the performance? As I said, glitches and artifacts aside, Radeon HD 5970 seems like a good card. Since I'm spending money on a new graphic card (GIGABYTE N670OC-2GD) I would like it to be an actual upgrade in performance rather than only removing issues with drivers and glitches I had with ATI.

Does anyone know enough about these two cards to give me a small comparison? I buy a new gaming rig every 3 or so years and I only do research when I know I'm going to purchase. Its been awhile and I feel pretty much out of touch. Thanks for the advice :)
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  1. Biggest improvements are likely to be reduced noise, better AA and DX11 compatibility, performance will be similar otherwise:

  2. HD5970 still a very strong card..there's almost no point to upgrade right now

    With new GPU architecture in the horizon, you have to wait for HD9xxx or GTX 7000 class

    Don't buy something that will obsolete so quickly..

    For such a strong card in your hands, you should have a little more patience.. :)
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I needed someone to tell me as it is :)

    Yeah, I think I'll wait with buying a new graphics card and see how ATI runs on the new rig. Last night I found the drivers (12.8) which seemed to have fixed a lot of my issues with a few games I played. I honestly thought my card overheated at some point and that it was just faulty from that point. But seeing as I haven't seen those glitches since last night (knock on wood) I'll wait with buying a new one and probably go for something more powerful when the time comes.
  4. well, you should try radeonpro (http://www.radeonpro.info/)..
    An excellent freeware for AMD/ATi Cards..

    and this is the best tool to solve multi gpu problem, it's really fix stuttering issue with AMD/ATi Cards..
  5. Thanks! I'll give it a try.
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