now do i set up my secondary drive HDD when i have already set everything up on my SSD?

hey i have been reading for a long time and this is my first post hope you guys can help :)

ok so i recently built my first gaming rig and for the first month or so i was only running my SSD due to a lack of foresight with ordering sata cables i now have the cables and i have the HDD attached to my mobo and my psu however the system doesnt seem to know what my HDD is and im at a complete loss as to what i should do to set it up.

what i want is to have my OS (win7 64bit) and a few selected games on my SSD and to manually select which drive every program installs to. i also want everything i download to automatically download to the HDD not the SSD.

like i say i have installed everything already on the SSD and only recently attached the HDD after i attached the HDD a new selection showed up in my computer as "system reserved (E)" with 71.4mb free of 99.9 mb

my setup is as follows:
asrock z77 pro4
i5 3570k
coolermaster 212 evo
corsair vengeance 2x4gb
Zotac 660Ti Amp
coolermaster GX750w
samsung 840 120GB SSD
western digital caviar green 2TB 7200 rpm 64mb cache

ive tried searching for a guide but they all seem to be from first build and none of them mention anything about it being system reserved. as a side note my BIOS recognizes it as a 2TB drive

any help would be apreciated thanks in advance
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  1. Get a hard drive reformat tool and the. You should be able to wipe it and set it up at a brand new 2TB drive.

    If push comes to shove you may need to use linux but a formatting program should work fine.
  2. Just connect your HDD to your system. Go to BIOS and "Advanced Options" and select your SSD as Boot HDD.
    Then start Windows go to Disk Management and initialize and format your HDD.
    Now you can select while installing apps where they should be installed. You can create a "Program Files" folder on your HDD.
    Additionally you can go to "c:\user\*your-user*\" and right click on music, pictures, video ... and also select another folder to put them to save space on your SSD and have correct folders.
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