Sony Said It Never Considered 'Always On' for PlayStation 4

Sony takes a shot at rumors surrounding an "always on" requirement for Xbox Infinity.

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  1. Good for Sony, Xbox is dead if there is an always online requirement!
  2. Never really got too much into console gaming but this "always on" thingy is just pure evil.
    And.. I'm still confused. What are they gonna call the next-gen XBox? So many codenames..
  3. its a 1 week old article..nice tom's
  4. everlast66 said:
    Good for Sony, Xbox is dead if there is an always online requirement!

    Anonymous said:
    Never really got too much into console gaming but this "always on" thingy is just pure evil.
    And.. I'm still confused. What are they gonna call the next-gen XBox? So many codenames..

    There is no always on, so what are you guys rambling about? It was never confirmed that it was anyways, just a bunch of rumors and internet babble giving news sites that need ad revenue something new to post. Code names are rumor too.
  5. "many countries don’t have robust Internet connections"
    Many areas in the US don't have robust internet connections.
    I live in a rural area where the only internet service available is cellular (3G or Verizon 4G).
    I'm constantly frustrated when companies design software or hardware to be "always on."
    On good days it eats through data limits, on bad days it doesn't work at all.
    Good for Sony.
  6. Some people can't seem to read right. This pretty much means half the single player games wont work online and probably every single COD game on single player not only does this ruin gaming as a whole more since we will have more multiplayer games with maps vs actual story lines, i already said it before the xbox has close to any 1st party or 2nd party games Sony is going to wipe the floor with them.
  7. My good guess is 99.9% of people who buy these consoles also have a "robust" internet connection at home where it will be used. Whats the big deal. For those .1 % that don't have internet give them the option to use them in offline mode simple as that!
  8. Well that's a smart PR move by Sony.
  9. As said above, the need for always on is the devils work, anyone who claims otherwise is likely to be the devil. Plus piracy will get its way around an always on connection just as it gets around all other problems thrown at it. Where there is a smart person who is too frugal to pay for a game, hacks will be found.
  10. It is completely a control thing. I want to know that when I want to play my game, I am in control. No thunderstorm causing sporadic network access, no cable went out so I can't play. I'm on the road and out of a cell coverage area. Or the company whose server I connect to may have their own outage or maybe even going out of business or involved in some sort of legal dispute and service has to be shut down for some reason. I don't even want the console continuously spamming as to why I need be connected. I expect to stick the game in and just be able to play without logging on, authenticating or any such nonsense. Anyway, they have my money now and I have absolutely no control over it anymore, so why should I not expect the same from my game?
    This decision and press by Sony definitely wins my favor. Even though MS is backpedaling, it goes to show what direction they will eventually go in.
  11. First of all, I'm calling total BS. *Everyone* is considering always online now. In this case, it's far more likely they just considered it and decided against it for the reasons they listed and I'm sure many they didn't.
    Second, you people who are *so* against this had better get used to it. I doubt we'll have to wait ten years before almost everything is always online.
  12. That's like Ford saying you can't buy a vehicle unless you have a garage, Xbox would have to be completely insane to even consider an always on internet requirement, It would reduce sells by at least two thirds. Anyway from the sound of it , It could only have been a ridiculous rumor.
  13. Brasil and Telemerda thanks Sony.
  14. Don't care if XBOX is always on. Just put a piece of tape on the webcam. That's what laptop (and some Desktop) owners should do, anyway.
  15. I don't know if their claim of never considering it is true or not but what's important is that they made the right choice regardless. If Microsoft doesn't follow this example than I see the next Xbox being a critical failure.
  16. During training for my new job, I found myself with no internet. I have some games via steam that I could not play due to yea the online requirement thing sucks.
  17. Because Sony is an Asian company, they dont automatically assume that the world is like their country.
  18. Contradiction. If they have reasons against it then they did "consider" it long enough to know why not to do it. Let me point something out though. There are several factors here that both companies are trying to lump into one, likely as a smokescreen to the truth. The SYSTEM being online only and the GAMES being online only, as well as whether or not a connection is required at any point. Just because the hardware does not lock up does not mean that it will not support publishers making the choice to lock their games up like SimCity. They can still say "XBox does not require a connection" and SimCity 6 for XBox could still require one. Marketing will not come out and state these things when they don't have to. They know it's a negative for sales, so they will pick every word on this matter carefully. I'll admit though, I really like how Sony is trolling MS this generation even if I hate their company ethics.
  19. Yeah well... Always on is a pain in the ass under certain circumstances let me tell you that. Right now I've just recently moved and had to organise new internet. Unfortunately for me the process has been quite slow. So my Steam client cannot verify that I'm at a valid computer any more. It was happy for a while in offline mode, but then something expired. So now I don't have access to any of my several thousand dollars worth of Steam games. It's not their fault. They cater for offline mode for a while at least, but its a major pain in the ass as I mentioned.
  20. I'm glad they finally "get it." No one would buy something with such an overbearing requirement.
  21. "...The main reason being that many countries don’t have robust Internet connections..."
    Glad they still considering us who still life 3rd country...
    (the price is ridiculus for the quality/speed of the service)
    good job SONY :D
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