New Patent Reveals Another Google Smartwatch

Google has submitted another patent for a smartwatch, but this one seems more Glass-like.

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  1. Its insane that we cant get through even a portion of our day without a smart device somewhere nearby. Blows my mind.... "updated from android smart coffee mug"
  2. Careful, Starbucks might patent that. SmartCoffeeMug.
  3. When are they just going to cut out the middleman and wire e-mail and phone apps directly into our brains? :ange:
  4. I hear it comes with an strap extension so you can wear it as a headband.
  5. I just can't imagine myself wearing such a device instead of a Swiss automatic watch. Is nerdy look cool now or what?
  6. OK, I'll develop an app to display the correct time.
  7. It will be interesting to see if anyone challenges these patents based on prior art from Dick Tracey.
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