Best Gaming Monitor for under 500 dollars

I'm looking for the best possible gaming monitor, I don't know much about monitors and would like your best opinion.

I would like 144mhz or 120mhz
I would like 1-3 ms response time in black and white not gray to gray scale
I would like the least lag
I would like it to be black
I would like the height and tilt to be adjustable along with the light

I don't have a necessary budget but under 500 dollars would be nice.

thanks for reading this and putting your best answers.
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  1. I believe its a very easy task to solve, with that budget you wont have any problem getting a proper led monitor for gaming purposes. You have to define the size and resolution, and then having other more advanced specifications in consideration. A search in the web is gonna give you the results you want, always make a selection based on your priorities, then view the review of each one, in commented videos if possible or in a review written by a professional, and since you want to spend as less as possible, take a deep search on it, because there are excelent oportunities for you.

    Cheers, i hope i helped, good luck,

    Micael David
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