Video Display model number shows up as audio device

In Windows 8, when I hover over the Volume Icon in the System Tray, the Tool Tip reports "PLE2403WS-0: 100%" indicating the volume control is set at max however, 'PLE2403WS' is the model number of my Iiyama monitor.

When I click on the Volume Icon in my System Tray, a dialog box named "Volume Mixer - PLE2403SW-0 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)" opens up showing slider controls one of which is named "PLE2403SW".

There is something definitely wrong about this.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the NVIDIA drivers to the latest version but this has not helped.

Currently, there is no sound from my computer. Previous to this, the sound was 'crackly' which led me to investigate this problem.

How should I proceed to sort this out?

BTW, where I once installed the PLE2403SW driver for my display, properties now show this as a 'Generic Display'.
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  1. Is your monitor connected via HDMI?

    If so then it might be trying to pass the audio from your GPU via HDMI to your monitor, in which case you simply need to disable the audio in your graphics settings. Unless you're wanting the audio passed to the monitor, in which case it seems like the monitor may be defective, or at least the speakers.
  2. Thank you. Yes, my monitor was connected to HDMI however, it was disabled.

    There was a yellow exclamation error in Device Manager against the Audio Device On High Definition Audio Bus. I downloaded NVIDIA's latest drivers and updated the driver for it by pointing to the root folder of the new drivers. The driver installed and immediately solved all my issues (the original problem was crackly sound).
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