GTX 660 driver crashes and terrible 3DMark11 score


I hope someone can provide some help and will be grateful for any responses.

I just bought a GTX660 to replace my Radeon 6950 (not a huge upgrade but a swap was needed for various reasons). The problem is I am getting much worse frames in Crysis3 etc than on the Radeon. I have also seen repeated driver crashes where the screen goes black then Windows throws up a notification that the card became unresponsive and has been relaunched. These only occur outside of games, most frequently when just browsing in Chrome and can occur less than a minute apart.

Having tried a refresh of Windows (8, x64) to no avail I thought I would run 3DMark11 on both cards. The results are quite shocking:

These were carried out on the following rig with bios at stock and having cleaned all drivers with driversweeper each time and then installing the latest respective driver:

I7 920
3x4gb corsair vengeance triple channel ram
P6T motherboard
650w PSU (I forget right now but a "proper" one)

The results are as follows:

Graphics Score 1971
Physics Score 5288
Combined Score 1750

Graphics Score 4938
Physics Score 5854
Combined Score 4811

The exact model of the new card is: Gigabyte GTX 660 Windforce OC 2 GB. It is placed in the same PCI 16x slot as the Radeon.

Any help greatly appreciated, though I fear for the card's life.
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  1. Try your onboard card and see if this problem persist or nop. If it does not, means that you gotta buy a new gpu :)
  2. Hi, and thanks for the response.

    I have resolved this problem as follows:

    I noticed a high-impact executable running which I didn't recognise, called IEHIGHUTIL.EXE. After some research it transpires that this is a bitcoin mining bot.

    Having removed it, I now see an increase from 8fps to 44fps on the initial test in 3DMark. That's as far as I got before having to leave for work this morning but, unless I post back, consider the problem resolved.

    Hopefully this information is helpful to others.
  3. Xavier Tan Sync said:
    Try your onboard card and see if this problem persist or nop. If it does not, means that you gotta buy a new gpu :)

    Still posting useless "advice" I see. :pfff:
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