Monitor goes black after 1-2 seconds

Ok, I have surfed all the forums I could find about this issue. None helped.

The problem in short words is the monitor goes black after 1-2 seconds from when I turn it on.

More details: when the monitor goes black, the power button is still green (as it's still running). The problem IS NOT in the computer.. I tested the monitor on 2 different computers and on a laptop and still same problem.
I tried change the monitor cables, still same problem.
I tried reduce the brightness still same same problem.

One thing is, if I don't use the monitor for days let's say, and then connect it to my computer (and to electricity), it works for 10-30 minutes before it goes black. After that everytime I turn it off and back on it works for 1-2 seconds and goes black.

Help is REALLY appreciated, and thank you very much in advance.
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  1. Bad monitor. Replace.
  2. backlight is dying needs to be replaced

    Hi folks,

    I had this problem with my Videosonic VE170b monitor: after boot, monitor comes on for just about 1-2 seconds then goes

    to black.

    Hitting one of the buttons on the monitor (I think auto-adjust) would bring the monitor back again, but for only the same 1-2

    seconds. Repeat hitting the monitor button would again bring it back, but only for 1-2 seconds.

    SOLUTION: Mine was solved by changing the display color quality from high (32-bit) to medium (16-bit).
    (YES, I had to repeatedly hit the monitor button and quickly move the mouse to do these steps, which was quite


    ALT-CLICK on a blank spot of the desktop; from the dropdown menu, choose PROPERTIES.

    Click on the SETTINGS tab, where you'll see COLOR QUALITY dropdown box. Mine was set to High (32-bit).
    I clicked on the dropdown arrow and chose MEDIUM (16-bit), and this solved my problem.

    Hope it solves yours!
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