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i have enter acer recovery mode come up in the bottom left corner how do i access it with no cursor controls as then i can continue to fix it up dwn or enter on keyboard dont work either
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  1. If you are trying to restore your Acer to Factory normal procedure:-
    If windows will not boot.
    Power computer on. Hold Alt and keep pressing F10 at the Acer logo. You may need a password. If you have used Erecovery before you would have been asked to create a password.
    If your first Erecovery the default password is 000000
    Select Factory

    If you are unable to complete recovery procedure, best try to boot from an Installation disk or Repair media. You can create a Repair disk/drive on another PC running Windows 8.
  2. Hi thanks dodger46,thats exactly what i done alt f10 and thats when it comes up with enter acer recovery mode in the bottom left corner,but i cant click on it to activate..It is bugging the hell outa me
  3. OK. Get into Setup (BIOS) and on the Main tab, see if there's a line 'D2D Recovery' or 'Disk to Disk' Recovery'. If so, make sure it's set to 'Enabled'
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