Worth buying a new mobo and CPU for haswell?

Recently I have gotten into streaming games on Twitch.tv but have troubles getting a great quality stream without ramping up the bitrate because of my CPU (i5 3570k) not being able to compress fast enough. To counter this I was planning on getting an i7 3770k but then I heard of the new Haswell processors coming out. Would it be worth also getting a new Mobo to accomodate the upcoming i7 4770k - that's what I would be getting - for my purposes? Or would the i7 3770k do me just fine?
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  1. I'm trying to figure this out too. But I'd wait for benchmarks in your case. Have you considered an AMD FX processor? I heard those were better at video handling.

    Haswell is rumored to only be a 6-7% performance boost as intel is working on efficency for next-gen laptops/tabletos.
  2. AMD FX 8320/8350 are better for video rendering/encoding/streaming.

    However, Haswell is about 6-7% real world gain over IB. If you think it's worth $400+ for 6% then go right ahead...I don't think you're better off for it though.

    Upgrading to the FX8350 + 970 series mobo will set you back about $260-270...and you will see improvement in rendering/streaming.
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