Nokia Announces New Lumia 925 in London

Nokia has unveiled its new flagship Lumia.

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  1. So a Lumia 920, for those who said that Lumia 920 was too big... Not bad at all :-)

    The rumoured EOS model will need Win8MP upgrades untill they can release it. Hopefully at the same time as "needed" 1080p upgrade. I prefer this smaller version just for the size, because I have small hands. Then, is this so much better than Lumia 720, is another matter. But nice add to the portfolio.
  2. Gotta say, I was expecting the EOS. The 925 seems like a solid phone, but I still think the HTC One is the best phone available at this point.
  3. Good phone. Too bad it doesnt have a high resolution screen. 720P is fine I guess.
  4. I'm extremely disappointed it didn't have the 41mp Pureview camera after all the hoopla leading up to today.
  5. My Samsung Ativ S runs circles around this, WP8 but basically the same hardware as the SGS3, thinnest WP8 phone with the highest screen, 1080p video, 8mp camera - very happy with it
  6. Again to bad it runs windows ....
  7. Looks great, weighs less than the 920...but there's nothing groundbreaking inside. Its still effectively a 920 in a new case (albeit a sexy new case).
    The saying "if its not broken, don't fix it comes to mind"...
    Perhaps we've got to wait till July for an EOS announcement? At least thats what I'm hoping for.
  8. "The 925 is over 1mm shorter than the 925, and is roughly 2mm thinner."
    I didn't know Nokia can make phones thinner and shorter than they really are (insert penis quip here)
  9. No mention about hugely dropped weight? Makes HTC One feel like chunky sob.
  10. @back_by_demand
    Your Ativ runs away and hides when it sees 925. Your Ativ display is crappy 720p with low contrast and luminosity. Ativ camera is notoriously bad and has no chance with 6 lens 8,7MP pureview. Also, Ativ is cheap and nasty looking plastic thing.
    How can you reply properly with this crappy commenting system?
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