intel i3 3225 vs i5 3570k

is the i5 worth buying even though i might not use it to the full
im playing games like minecraft planetside 2
not games like bf3 skyrim or crysis 3
whats the fps difference in games im playing is it that big of a difference
full specs are.
intel i3 3225 or i5 3570k
amd radeon 7850
8gbs ram
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  1. Minecraft? Yeah an i3 is fine.

    Planetside 2? i5. Certainly. There is a massive difference.
  2. In addition to the above statement, imo, buying the i5 over the i3 would future proof you a bit as well. Planetside 2 on the i3 will be rough.
  3. I say go with the i5, the extra cores will help you allot in multiplayer games(Planet Side 2). In addition, the i5 has a better future(will perform good in future games as well). i5 Rules!
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