MSI Reveals GX70 AMD Gaming Notebook

The recently announced MSI GX70 Gaming Notebook is packed with even more features than its predecessor, the GX60.

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  1. I wouldn't mind having this laptop. :-)
  2. nice, but I would like to see some benchs
  3. Tom's already did a full benchmark analysis of the previous version of this. Pretty sick stuff in that one already for just $1200. For a fully loaded $1500 lappy, this should be amazing.
  4. Nice, but why pair an APU, with discrete graphics? Especially at the $1500 price range, I would expect FX level quad cores. Has AMD no mobile chips, faster than their A series? And btw, AMD fan here, still rockin' the 965! Not an Intel troll.
  5. I think we all know the most limiting factor to this laptop will be the CPU.
    Sad, but true. :(
    AMD needs to really work on IPC.
  6. I really dont get the "Gaming Notebook" , its limited to play any game doesnt matter from which angle you view it. I'd rather have a very powerful desktop ready to tear through anything and a very light and blazing fast laptop where weight is something that matters. Not this beast that you have to always use it plugged on and weights 5-6kg
  7. for all those questioning the the fact it has an APU in ut need to check out the review of the GX60,3478.html
    yeah they could put an i5 in there and squeeze a few more FPS in there but when you get over 40 FPS on the highest detail settings in pretty much all modern games with the APU at 1080p (as high as the display lets you go) whats the point? It will just make it more expensive
    MSI found the sweet spot in performance vs price. Honestly read the review of the GX60, its a very interesting read, you will not get a better gaming laptop at that price
  8. Surely if you can pair an adequate CPU with an excellent GPU and save a chunk of money you are onto a winner? If you bring the price under the £1000 mark it seems more affordable than the i7 versions at £1200 or so?
  9. Oh my, if only MSi releases a 15.4 inch version of the same config, i will gladly upgrade from my GX660r.
  10. AMD needs to make some 45w mobile CPUs to bring all cores up to 3GHZ and turbo close to 4GHZ
  11. Why don't they pair this GPU with an i5, would that still be more expensive? Or even an i3 to make a cheap intel gaming laptop?
  12. I have an earlier version of this laptop. I love it. It is the Intel / NVIDIA version however. I had to send it back to MSI due to a bum hard drive. MSI had no issues, they fixed it right up. In the meantime I replaced it with an ASUS N76VZ also an Intel / NVIDIA rig.
    The ASUS is thinner Lighter and performs on par with the MSI rig even with half the memory (8 GB).
    Ill be sticking with ASUS hardware for the time being though same price. More compact setup, same basic configuration, more easily transportable and attractive setup. 4 USB 3 ports on the ASUS plus one year of accidental damage coverage with FREE shipping to ASUS should you need an RMA. ASUS customer service is a bit better and more responsive.
    Having said that I would not purchase another HP or Dell product unless I have to especially when ASUS is releasing such stellar products right now.
    Currently I own two Low end HP laptops Both are lower end and work fine under Ubuntu Linux. One Intel based and one AMD based Sleekbook for work and general purpose stuff. Too bad the store I had to use didn't carry ASUS hardware or id have them.
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