Live Stream/Gaming Laptop ($900-$1100 budget)

Hello, I've recently been searching for a laptop that can be used for live streaming and gaming (not simultaneously). I'm constantly on the lookout for websites that keep me informed on the latest computer parts/notebooks. Any information will help that the community can provide.

My only filters are a budget around $900-$1100, and I would prefer Windows 7. I'm mostly using this laptop for streaming through while using my PC at home, and also on the go gaming. Here are a few games I have spent the most time playing lately: APB Reloaded, Battlefield 3, Minecraft, Crysis 2, GTA 4.

Thank you in advance if I miss out on sending a reply.
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  1. What about the lenovo y500
  2. I've heard a lot of nice things about the Y500 series; however, there are a lot of cons to weight in. The starter build is definitely compatible for upgrades further down the road. I'm afraid that without a charger for everyday "student" use the battery won't last. Streaming and gaming are not a problem while charging this laptop 100% of the time. Although I've heard nothing but bad reviews about the battery even when not running anything 'battery consuming'.

    I am still considering this Y500 model on my list of possible laptops I would buy.

    I've added some additional details to the OP that I recently thought up in the shower.
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